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DCT-1   (Caenorhabditis elegans)

Description [+]
  • Synonyms: DCT-1
  • Species: Metazoa;Bilateria;Ecdysozoa;Nematoda; Caenorhabditis elegans
  • Short gene description: dct-1 encodes a protein with similarity to the mammalian BNIP3 proteins that interact with Bcl-2 and the Adenovirus E1B 19kDa protein and that have been shown to have pro-apoptotic activity. loss of dct-1 activity via RNAi in daf-2 mutants and in gld-1. daf-2 doubly mutant animals indicates that dct-1 can function to regulate both lifespan and tumor cell proliferation. when expressed in mammalian cells, DCT-1 can: 1) induce delayed apoptosis and increase apoptosis when coexpressed with CED-3 (perhaps by increasing proteolyic processing of CED-3), 2) physically interact with CED-9 or the CED-3 prodomain when coexpressed, and 3) physically interact with both CED-9 and CED-3 when all three are coexpressed. chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments have demonstrated that the dct-1 promoter is bound in vivo by the forkhead transcription factor DAF-16. expression of DCT-1 in mammalian cells suggests that, like its mammalian orthologs, DCT-1 localizes to mitochondria via a predicted C-terminal transmembrane domain. [Source: WormBase]
  • Family: Bcl-2 family : BH3-only
  • Process: apoptosis,
  • Pathways:
  • Criteria: manually curated
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  • WIKI: DCT-1-C_elegans
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