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BCL2L12   (Homo sapiens)

Description [+]
  • Synonyms: BCL2L12, BCL-2L12
  • Species: Metazoa;Bilateria;Deuterostoma;Chordata;Vertebrata;Mammalia;Primates;Hominidae; Homo sapiens
  • Short gene description: Bcl-2-related proline-rich protein (Bcl-2-like 12 protein) [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot;Acc:Q9HB09]
  • Family: Bcl-2 family : multidomain Bcl-2
  • Process: apoptosis,
  • Pathways: undefined,
  • Criteria: manually curated
  • Curator comment: It is still debated if Bcl-2L12 has a pro- or antiapoptotic function. Data from Nakajima et al. point towards a slightly pro-apoptotic function that is cell-type specific and so far only shown with UV irradation. On the other hand, the inhibiting function of Bcl-2L12 on caspase-3/-7 downstream of mitochondria cannot be reproduced.
  • Mouse ortholog(s): Bcl2l12
  • WIKI: BCL2L12-H_sapiens
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